Myths And Facts About Massage Therapy

Myths and Facts About Massage Therapy
March 28, 2024

Massage therapy has been an integral part of a healing procedure and we’ve been embracing it as a robust source of rejuvenation of body and mind for ages. Whether it’s the ability to soothe body pains or provide comprehensive relaxation, it never fails to amaze us.

However, despite that, there are certain misconceptions about massages that people believe in. These myths often restrict people from reaping the numerous amazing benefits of massage therapy. So, it’s time to bust them. Here are some commonly known myths and facts about massage therapy you should know.

5 Myths and Facts About Massage Therapy That You Shouldn’t Believe In

1. Massage Is Just For Injured People

One of the most commonly held myths that many believe is that massage is just for people who are injured or have issues. That’s not true.

Massage is certainly a great way of healing. But that does not make it limited to remain just a healing practice. Massage therapy is more than just that. It can also be considered for general relaxation and rejuvenation, just like a spa experience.

AMTA (American Massage Therapy Association) says massage therapy improves overall health and well-being. So, even if you do not have any issues, you can enjoy the soothing experience of massages in general.

2. All Massages Are The Same

Another misconception about massage therapy is that all massages are the same. People think that all kinds of massages are merely muscle movements, no matter what you choose.

This myth originates from a lack of knowledge regarding massages. The truth is that different massage therapies have different purposes and show varying results. Massages like Swedish massage are focused on full-body relaxation.

Others like deep tissue massage are more focused on extensive needs for the healing of body pains. Whereas, sports massage is specially designed for those with repetitive muscle strains and injuries and their prevention. Likewise, foot reflexology is beneficial when focusing on the trigger points that connect particularly specific organs in focus.

Depending on what your body’s needs are, an appropriate massage type is ideal.

3. If Massage Does Not Hurt, It Isn’t Working

This is again a very common myth about massage most people believe in. They think pain and soreness during or after massage therapy is needed to prove that it’s working. If it is not hurting, they think it is not effective.

That is completely a wrong belief. Massage therapy is known to heal and relax your body and not cause pain. Yes, you might experience a bit of temporary sensations during the process, but that doesn’t have to be painful.

Moreover, different bodies react differently to massages. Some might not feel any pain or soreness after massage therapy. And that does not mean it is not working.

4. The Results Of Massage Don’t Last Long

Massage is something people believe is a temporary means of relaxation. It’s a common myth that the effects of massage therapy do not last long.

That is again not true. As mentioned above, massage is more than merely a relaxing experience. If practiced by skilled therapists, it can be aimed at working on deeper levels of your muscles, providing long-term relief.

Massage is known to retrain the muscle memory for the parts that have been receiving tension and stiffness over a long period. This has been known to work on chronic issues too. There are many long-term benefits of regular massages like relieving stress, anxiety, insomnia, and more.

In a nutshell, massage offers both short-term and long-term results to elevate well-being.

5. The Root Of The Pain Always Lies In The Part That Hurts

This is another misbelief most people have about massage. They think massage should only be done on the part of the body that hurts because the root of pain lies there only.

This is not always true. Knowledgeable massage experts are aware of the fact that the root of the pain isn’t always where expected. Muscles are interconnected with each other and one part can directly affect another. For instance, the root cause of your back pain may lie in your shoulders, being the problem area.

That’s why, getting a full-body massage is crucial to ensure the root cause is healed. That helps in comprehensive relief and relaxation.

Summing Up

There are many myths floating around regarding massage therapy and these were some of the common ones busted. By knowing the facts behind these massage therapy misconceptions, you will be able to know better about massages, while reaping its amazing benefits without holding yourself to a false belief.

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